Photograph of Shannon Lucas

Hi, I’m Shannon.

I’m a creative technologist in Seattle with a background in software development, technical writing, and user research. My strengths include cross-functional collaboration, rapidly learning new technologies and tools, and bridging the gaps between developers and users. Over the course of my career, I’ve developed software for numerous industries, run usability studies, and built a developer relations team.

I’m driven by a desire to use technology to improve our collective understanding of each other and the world around us.

Writing samples

Creative coding tutorial

Screenshot of creative coding tutorial

Many computer graphics tutorials focus on resumé-centric skills or lofty goals such as game development. This tutorial aimed to introduce the three.js library as a tool for creative coding. Although it is not an introduction to programming, the primary audience is people who are technically inclined and have some programming knowledge but who are likely not professional software developers.

I worked as writer, editor, and production specialist for this project. I followed a docs-as-code process with Docusaurus to generate the static site from Markdown documents.

A key learning from this project is that establishing early constraints can reduce complexity. For this project, I set a requirement that a reader had to be able to do the tutorial completely in the browser. This eliminated the need to write a section about setting up a development environment. Another takeaway is how useful it can be to have someone without subject matter expertise review content. Whereas an expert may focus on the details of the subject matter, a non-expert can identify logic errors and inconsistencies that could confuse new readers.

Aperture settings

Screenshot of aperture settings article

The manual settings on cameras with interchangeable lenses can be daunting, and aperture can be especially confusing. This work aimed to explain what aperture is and how it impacts a photograph. The article is designed to be part of a set that would also include similar articles covering shutter speed and sensitivity (ISO).

I was the writer and created the visual elements for this project. I also mentored our production specialist on HTML, CSS, and GitHub.

This project benefited from having an editor with no prior photography experience. Their pen and paper notes about the content became the key graphic element used in the project.

Help content for OneDrive

Screenshot of OneDrive help text

Cloud storage remains a nebulous concept for some computer users. This help text targeted users who had learned to use computers during the floppy disk era. Its goal was to provide quick guidance on how to save Office files to OneDrive.

I was the production specialist for this project. The primary tools used to build the content were Tailwind CSS and Vite.

Company blog post

Screenshot of company blog post

Working with open source projects can be a very rewarding experience. I wrote this company blog post to reflect on my first year working with open source projects related to the Drupal content management system (CMS). What I learned from writing this post is just how challenging it can be to write about personal experiences while maintaining the company’s brand and tone.

Game usability research

Screenshot of Thief: Deadly Shadows box cover art

This article was an outcome of one of my graduate research projects. Previous publications about video game usability had focused on the differences between game usability and software application usability. I chose to write about the methodologies used on the project to fill this gap in the published research. I was the primary researcher and writer for this article. My co-author was the game’s executive producer.

An insight I gained from publishing this article is that the primary audience within a special interest group (SIG) can still represent a wide range of technical backgrounds.

Technical skills


Technical writing, docs-as-code, user research, information architecture


Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office/365, Google Workspace, Docusaurus, Git, GitHub, Confluence, JIRA, Markdown, Asciidoc, reStructuredText


JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Python, Flask, Java, HTML, CSS, SQL, REST API


Certificate, Professional Technical Writing
University of Washington
M.S., Information Studies
University of Texas at Austin
B.S., Computer Engineering Technology
University of Southern Mississippi


Reach me through any of the mediums below.